Friday, March 13, 2015

Goodbye, Farewell, It's Time To Say Adieu

For the second time in the last year-plus, since creating this music blog I am ending it.

True enough, the high point of blogging really was around 2007-9 or so.  Hard to believe now
but my flag ship genre blog THE ROADS OF AUTUMN DUSK has 80 "followers" and numerous
comments on almost every post.

This blog has never quite done what I had hoped it would do...but...
that's kind of okay because this blog had a much narrower, laser thin if you will, focus and intended reach.

I am in reality not abandoning any of the goals but simply relocating to Wordpress. 
So, no more duplication or doubling up but simply one site from henceforth.  I will keep this url "alive" as long as Blogger permits for archival value (I guess? :) )

Follow my comments, reviews, and blathering on Progressive rock on the Wordpress version of
 The (n)EVERLAND of PROG at

Thanks for reading.

PROG Set To 11

Monday, March 2, 2015


My favorite Band, MARILLION, with one of my favorite epic songs off their most recent album...

To be sure, it's been castigated by PC power-elites as "controversial/political" but it shouldn't be. War is evil and so is apartheid, embargos, denial of civil rights, and a host of other crimes against the innocents of Gaza. But geo-political battles aside, it's a gutsy and dynamic piece of art by the one and only MARILLION!

Prog On!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


SUNRISE is simply one of the best movies ever made: period!   Silent or not, if you have not seen this F.W. Murnau classic you're no movie fan.   This powerful story of lust, betrayal, hatred, love and redemption had both me and my wife weeping with joy when we saw it screened at the Lawrence Arts Center several years ago, accompanied by the live music of the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.

Well, last night in Topeka, at the 19th annual Kansas Silent Film Festival I saw two fabulously funny and entertaining comedy 5-reelers.  The first was Harold Lloyd's 1922 "Grandma's Boy," and the second was Buster Keaton's 1927 "College."   While there was no Mont Alto this year, the great Californian polymath, protean genius (I'm really not exaggerating) and Renaissance man Dr. Jon Mirsalis (scientist, researcher, patent holder, Lon Chaney Sr. expert, silent film expert, composer, musician, and accompanist extraordinaire) played piano and keyboards to the Keaton masterpiece.  And I WAS THERE!   I would have gone up and gotten his autograph, but with limited funds (i.e. no money) I was unable to purchase any of his scored DVD silents that were for sale.

   While not Prog in the sense of Rick Wakeman or Keith Emmerson, Dr. Jon Mirsalis' playing last night was truly progressive in expressing ideas, emotions, and a wealth of other plot devices and manifestations.

   If you ever have a chance to hear Mirsalis play--TAKE IT!  

Mellotron On!

LONELY ROBOT - Airlock (Teaser)

Do you like science fiction?  OF COURSE YOU DO!

Do you like rich, lush, prog music with concept-themes and incredible melodies?    DUH!

Are you a "thinking man?"     WELL..............?

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And since you're a "hard case," here's a snippet to hook you like a large-mouth (Mickey's) bass

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