Monday, March 10, 2014


   Sure I heard their greatest hit "I'd Love To Change The World" and liked it...but to be honest, it must have "peaked" in the American AM charts before I really started listening to music.  The song was contained on their 1971 album A SPACE IN TIME.

    I lived a VERY sheltered and conservative musical life before moving to Ft. Wayne in November of 1971.  I owned just a handful of stereo vinyl lps:  Johnny Cash, the Best of;  a Bill Cosby comedy album;  another comedy album that was a compilation of W.C. Field's gags and jokes from his movies;  the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey; and a Royal Guardsmen album (Snoopy vs. the Red Baron Royal Guardsmen).  Most of the music I heard on a regular basis was from my Dad's album collection or from T.V. variety shows.  But I do remember when I did start listening to AM top-40 radio; it was when I recevied a clock-radio for Christmas 1971.  I tuned the thing to WLYV AM in Ft. Wayne and...I've never looked back.  Anyhow........

TEN YEARS AFTER was not a band that ever appeared on my radar until last spring (2013).  Alvin Lee had died and his passing was in all the news stories relating to music (blogs, boards, etc).  I chanced upon "I'd Love To Change The World" and fell in love with this old classic...not so much "all over again," but really "for the first time!"

Lee was an amazing guitar player.  He really starts to shred at a little over the 2:00 minute mark.  He wrote the song and sings it.  It's brilliant!  (aside from the goofy marxist line about taxing the rich).

"....freaks and harries...dykes and fairies..."   Couldn't have said it better myself.

EUGOR's # 70 favorite band:


  1. My record collection didn't really start until after I met you. Yes I also listened to my folks music, but it wasn't until the "Days of the Spitting Cobra" did I finally start to listen to music - in my car - and when we statrted going to Slatewood Records. I do remeber about 1970/71 when I heard The Doors "Waiting for the Sun" record and fell in love with "I am the lizard king, I can do anything." I may not be commenting as much as I should, but I am enjoying listening to the muscis and reading your posts. I'm going to try to call you tonight. Take care and tell all I send my "dirty underwear and want it bleach, starched, and returned to me in time for my classic reading of "The 70's" by Raymond Reece (never heard of him before now).
    Take care Eguor - From your Friend - Friend - Reliops

  2. I love this song, but didn't know it was 10 Years After.

  3. ahh the good ol' SPITTING COBRA...many a good AM top-40 hits reverbed through her speakers eh, Space Emperor???
    The DOORS, I'll probably have a separate post entry about the anomaly of THE DOORS in my musical universe. Must go, earth's infernal Science Police are outside the bunker snooping - - - eugor the weasly