Tuesday, February 25, 2014


   Lovecraft themed and inspired music needs no defense or apology (or even much explanation) on this blog, or for either of us Emperor Reliops!

I hoping to share a Lovecraftian song every Tuesday...just cause I can   :)

I discovered Paul Roland and his creepy-cool-vibed music several years back when I was getting into Steam-Punk music (Tom Waits brought me to a lot of clock-work and Verne-inspired goth-tinged music) and really liked what I heard from him on YouTube. But I found very little of his material for sale in hard-copy format (I'm a sucker for the Cd and not so much for the download) so I just kinda forgot about him.  This album (Re-Animator) can be purchased on as an MP3 download:

Roland has a pretty extensive discography of weird music right up your alley.  Then again O mighty have no doubt already discovered him on your own.
I remain your obsequious servant,
Agent Eugor


  1. Have you heard of Atomic Rooster? I just discovered them and have decided I must listen to all of their work. As for Al Stewart, Bufford - AKA - Doug - introduced me to Mr. Stewart, although I did love his Year of the Cat when it first came out and bought it (thanks to the mention of Peter Lorre). I have not heard of Re-animator. It was and is great music, so now I must become poorer and go out and purchase this album/CD. You forgot to mention one of the greatest musical Queens of all time in your recent post about Queens in music. I mean Sir Elton John. David has told me the new movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman is on Netflix. I don't understand how they can make money that way, but that isn't my problem. I will watch it now and if I don't like it - no money out of my pocket. I am enjoying listening to and reading you blog. I just read an article about podcasting and think I will look into that. It may be the way to bring the best of FOE and taping together to make a new and great discovery made by Eugor and Reliops in the Brave New World of Alas Babylon. That's All For Now - Big Cheese to Smart Cheese - Over and Out...

  2. O mighty Reliops: As to ATOMIC ROOSTER...the true answer is "yes & no." AR is/was like the bands: Ten Years After, Blue Cheer, Traffic, Captain Beyond, Mountain & Free... i.e. I knew they were out there all along since I remember seeing their vinyl lps in the record store stacks/bins from way back (the SLATEWOOD days) BUT I had never heard the music. But, serendipitously...I encountered ATOMIC ROOSTER recently via another music blog, and listened to their album "Death Walks Behind You' on YouTube. It's a great album and it is now on my "must-buy" list over at Amazon :) I'm glad you're digging this blog - -as it's all just for you. Podcasting sounds intriguing, I am assuming that using one of the established blogging platforms lets one play all the music without running afoul of the RIAA (which is what keeps YouTube channel shows from playing the actual songs). I also assume one still would have to pay some kind of substantial monetary fee. Let me know what you find out.
    - Agent Eugor