Saturday, March 29, 2014


   For today's album art (oh how I miss the vinyl lp with it's gate-fold and massive size) I have decided to post three of my favorite weird faces.
  First up is the 1969 debut album of KING CRIMSON titled "In the Court of the Crimson King." It was arguably the first true progressive rock album as the genre came to be defined.  Although I love the Bary Godber painted cover, I think I like it mostly because the flaired nostrils somehow remind me of Gahan Wilson doing a drawing on a bad acid trip.  Still, it's as striking and as memorable as the music.
  Next up is (also) the 1970 debut album from GENTLE GIANT titled "Gentle Giant."   The face of said "giant" is maybe only kindly and friendly, BUT... there's a bit of an evil grin and a glint in the eyes that suggests that this giant may not be as gentle as one would hope...and the way the boys played also put that sentiment to rest  :D

   And last, AND LEAST, is the (can you guess? the debut) 1991 album of Mike Patton's (though he's listed in the credits as Vlad Drac) MR. BUNGLE.  It's as twisted, sick, and strangely entertaining as the cover art-work is, ahh... "off-puting."  This music makes Zappa sound like Lawrence Welk, as it hits the ear-drums like a David Lynch film put through a blender with evil circus clowns and dead zombie cats.  Just sayin'


  1. I am fortunate to own all 3 of these and do enjoy them a lot. I also own the King Crimson and Gentle Giant on vinyl. The cover art is amazing. The best Mr. Bungle CD I believe is California. I also enjoy Mike Patton's Fathoms. May your ball sack always hang low Eugor the Delightful.

  2. :D LOL !
    Yes, "California" is probably my fave as well--great call Reliops. I guess he was also in a band called FAITH NO MORE and another one called TOMAHAWK (but you no doubt know that all-seeing universal eye "Relopian")....My favorite Patton gig is his album MONDO CANE where he sings Italian gialo score/theme stuff; check it out at His version of the song "Deep Down" is, well, mondo cool!