Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You know what, I'm happy

First Droopy (love me that Daws Butler)

Then the reason thereof:

   I have long drooled over, and thumbed through, PROG on the newstand--or, at least the magazine section of my local HASTINGS (which has been like a ghost-town for the last several one reading or BUYING magazines anymore it seems).  I would buy every issue of PROG but for the too-high (for me) cover price.  Heck, for $3.99 I can buy that Cars album I don't have or the Geo. Lynch Dokken masterpiece that's on sale (HASTINGS is pretty slim pickens when it comes to actual Prog Cds :(  )  So I just can't seem to part with the $15 bucks that this journal requires.

   But my best friend in the universe, Reliops of California (the Spoiler of plebian music), bought me a subscription for Christmas.  My first issue just arrived.  I can't wait to listen to the free Cd sampler on my way to Kansas City tonight.  I also can't wait till March 4th when Steven Wilson's much lauded new album drops.  Stay tuned.

Mellotron On!

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