Friday, April 4, 2014


   Although this freakinginglytastic theme song could also be a post for THURSDAY'S THEMES, I thought (think) it's just so gonzo-weird that it fits perfectly OPEN-LINE FRIDAY.

   MothT (an assistant deep-agent for Eugor) has several seasons of SQUIDBILLIES on DVD and I have become a huge fan of this twisted, demented, and truly "wrong" show.  It's the closest someone can come to dropping acid and watching a David Lynch film as possible.  This late-night "comedy" (my sincerest apologies to all comedies) on Adult Swim [AS] is such a "black comedy" that it makes other "black comedies" look like 'The Sound of Music." 

  Early Cuyler makes Homer Simpson look like Einstein, and Peter Griffin look like Saint Francis of Assisi.

   While the great "Unknown Hinson" does the voice of Early, it is Country Western TITAN & LIVING LEGEND: BILLY JOE SHAVER who actually sings the opening theme!  I don't know who actually wrote the lyrics and music.  I had a chance to see Billy Joe when he came through my town last Fall but was "tapped out" and just couldn't scrounge up the dinero.  Now...I wish I had just sold some of Mrs. rogueevolent's blood for plasma to get the ticket cash...dang!  And though the series opens with only the first verse, supposedly there are a total of 6 verses (stanzas) that I repeat below.



My dreams are all dead and buried.
Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode.
When god comes and calls me to his kingdom,
I'll take all ya sons of bitches when I go!
Let Her Blow!

Some how I got spinal meningitis
Injecting all that hair spray in my spine
Its a super cheap way to party
If you aim to kill some brain cells and some time
(Good luck gettin that child support check from me now)

My oldest son was born an albino
My youngest is covered in hair
The middle one says he's a homosexual
And the other seven are gone, I don't know where
(I raised them right they oughta be fine)

She run off and took our only chicken
When I broke jail the house was burnt and bare
The Japs moved the plant back to Osake
Some days life just don't seem that fair
(I don't care, some days life just don't seem that fair)

I gave all my best years to that woman
All she gave me was mouths to feed
A miracle straight from the loins of Jesus
Since Charlie blew off both my testes
(1969 Cam Ranh Bay, it was a massacre)

Get your Yankee ass off my property
Don't care if the bank gave you a deed
This farm has been ours for generations
Since we fought back those sneaky Japanese
(In the war of 1812, bring our boys home)

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