Saturday, April 5, 2014


   Being out of town most of today (Wichita; burial place of the great actor Sidney Toler/the "penultimate" CHARLIE CHAN)  I am left with little time to put together much proper text to accompany these three stunning album jackets.
   The band is BARONESS (more on them in due course) and these are their first three albums.  The music is heavy; a bit doom metal with post-rock/post metal influences gradually giving way to more prog and even folk prog flairs and themes--especially in the last (most recent) album.  I love them!!!
   The art is all by their main man, John Dyer Baizley.  In addition to doing the song writing (music and lyrics) and guitar work, Baizley does all the artwork.  The man is a true renaissance man.  He also has provided artwork for other bands.  His style is a mixture (in my own un-educated opinion) of British Pre-Raphaelite style, tinged with American art decco, Maxfield Parish, and even the great British comic-book artist (most famous for his 1970s early run on Marvel's Conan the Barbarian) Barry Wyndsor-Smith.  His art could easily be used in fairy tale books or popularizations of the Greek and Roman myths.  
   The three albums are simply titled:  The Red AlbumThe Blue Album;  and The Yellow and Green Album.
    And as nice as the artwork is (stunning on full vinyl lp releases) the music is even better.
- - - Eugor

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