Sunday, February 23, 2014

Al Stewart - A Man For All Seasons

STEWART SUNDAY: Songs Supernal!

As of March 1999 I had gone almost a decade without dipping my toe (musically speaking) into pop/rock music. I had spent the preceding 10 years listening to big-band Jazz, Celtic music, John Michael Talbot, Michael Card, and classical music (mostly choral late middle ages)...It was Al Stewart that brought me back to popular music. I've not looked back. I had amassed a huge vinyl lp collection of pop & rock in the '70s and '80s but had divested myself of most of my collection by the time I moved from South Dakota back to Kansas. Hearing Stewart's omni-present 'Year of the Cat' (one of my favorite tunes ever) on the radio prompted me to actually buy an album of his at the local BORDERS. I quickly acquired his entire discography and he became (and remains) my FAVORITE singer song-writer in the history of recorded music.
Choosing between my favorite songs of his would be like telling someone which of your children is your favorite-- THEY ALL ARE...he's that good in my estimation.

I'm going to be playing a Stewart stellar stunner every Sunday because his canon is that good, diverse, and immense....

The following tune ( 'A Man For All Seasons') is the fourth track on his 8th studio album (TIME PASSAGES) released in 1978. It's one of his many brilliant historical songs. The delicate guitar work is by either Tim Renwick or Peter Green. The female vocal chorus that comes in at 2:31 and 2:39 is ethereal. Enjoy...for...the Man For All Seasons is lost behind the sun.

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