Thursday, February 27, 2014

Theme One - Schizo Fun Addict

   Just a FUN 2:57 from a band by the cool name of SCHIZO FUN ADDICT.  And, what's not to love about the classic sci-fi movie clips in this video  :D

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Enjoy o RELIOPS the redundant.
- eugor the eugenically deprived


  1. The three minutes that it took to watch the video was worth it even without the music. I love to watch old film clips from SF and horror films and try to name the movies before they tell us. The music was great and went along with the video very nicely. The Rosanne Cash song was good as well. John Stewart died way to young. His Bombs Away Dream Babies is one of my favorite albums. I will admit I do not listen to much C&W, but I never considered Johnny Cash as C&W and since we can't have him anymore, lets listen to his daughter. Getting ready for a lot of rain the next few days. I will be a couch potato and watch it come down, hoping for some thunder and lightening. It's strange what you miss. The info. I passed a long to you about Peabody and Sherman (P&S) was bad info - my son was wrong. He saw it on Netflix and didn't watch it. It is a 22 min. long show about P&S and Jay Ward with clips from P&S original TV show and some clips from the new movie. It is worth watching, but I will have to either wait or pay to watch the new movie - this 22 minute show will probably be better then the new P&S movie. I am rereading Martians Go Home by one of your dad's favorite writers - Fredric Brown. What I a good writer he was. I am enjoying hearing from my dearest friend on a almost daily basis and enjoying the music. Keep it up Eugor the Imaginative. Say "Howdy" to Mrs. Eugor and your young clone, Eugor Jr.
    Take Forever Care - Reliops the Rotund...

  2. Glad you liked said aural transmission from planet earth Lord Reliops! I had a "crush" on Roseanne Cash back in 1987 (she looked, thankfully, as much like her mother as her Dad ;) ). Rodney Crowell was a lucky man...too bad their marriage did not work out. THERE WILL BE a post (or several) on the music of the late-great JOHN STEWART in the future. Stay alert.