Saturday, February 22, 2014

Al Stewart -- Sirens of Titan (Why the Blog is so named?)

Why the title for this blog?
I dunno, I've just always loved outer-space themes. I love Space-Rock (HAWKWIND baby) and my favorite solo artist in all of music is Al Stewart. His album MODERN TIMES is a brilliant work and the track "Sirens of Titan" is one of my favorites. But besides being a great tune it hearkens to the power of music. Even as the mythical sirens sang so beautifully as to draw sailors to their doom on jagged rocks, so too music has the power to move us onto the rocks of all sorts of emotions and remembrances (a time-machine much like Ray Bradburry suggested old photographs can do).

And of course being that the song was written by Al Stewart as an homage to the book by the same name, I am allowed also to share the greatness of one of my favorite 20th authors--the much missed Kurt Vonnegut.   But, unlike Odysseus who while taking the liberty and risk of listening to music beyond the norm, while making his crew sail on with wax stuffed into their ears; you my friend are beckoned to click on all the coming Youtube videos to listen to the SEIRENES OF TITAN!

The only reason this blog is named/titled "SEIRENES" rather than "Sirens" is that the normal and traditional English spelling was already taken as a "blogger" address.

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