Monday, February 24, 2014


Ever since the Moody Blues became my favorite band in January of 1974 (they are no longer my favorite all-time band but still remain in my top-ten greatest bands) I have been questing for the "next big thing." By that I mean, a band that could produce the musical "highs" and tonal-endorphins in my brain that the Moodies first did as I listened to their complete discography album after album (thanks to a loan of her collection--thanks Patricia :) ).
I have indeed found other "heavy hitters" (Barclay James Harvest, Renaissance, Horslips, Clannad) during the years, and even lately (in the last decade) have discovered those special bands that I missed the first time around (Pink Floyd, Be Bop Deluxe...and especially CAMEL).

I have now found, for me, THE NEXT BIG THING!  I discovered this band from the internet pages of SEA OF TRANQUILITY (a great web-site) as well as from the pages of PROG magazine. After having recently purchased both of their albums from - - they are enshrined already on my top list of favorite all-time bands. Though their first album (THE WEIRDING) is much longer, and maybe even a bit better work, the clip below is from their most recent (second) album THE BLACK CHORD.
When I listen to them I hear a perfect 2014 melding of Pink Floyd and King Crimson, with ASTRA's own flavor and originality. They also evoke Genesis, Yes, and a touch (a second or two's worth) of Black Sabbath (side-ways, sort of).

You can't be a prog-head in my book without trying, and then LOVING: ASTRA!

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