Friday, March 28, 2014


   I am a BIG BIG fan of Barenaked Ladies, and have been for quite a while now (I have almost all of their discography). 

   I love this song (below, embedded) but even more LOVE the video!!!   It's even got Zombies!
This is the perfect "send-up" and savage criticism of the utter inane-ness and worthlessness of modern television news...especially that "local" news at 10 crap that all American cities are saddled with.  Just one of the most FUN videos in a blue-moon (and yes, the song is a good song).

   I always re-watch this video multiple times because so much is going on in the background (and foreground), watch it  a whole time through just to read the scrolling ticker-tape   :D
Vatican says: "pray, pray, pray"....atheists: run, run, run"     double  :D


  1. Great, great, great video. I watched it 4 times and laughed my pants off - not a pretty sight. I wish Eguor and Reliops had done the video. We need to get together and make some kind of video this July. I'll bring the equipment and you supply the inspiration and talent. Didn't feel the earthquake in OC that happened today. I would have been shaken out of bed, if I was still living in San Clemente. Better luck next time Mother Nature...

  2. Salutations Reliops the Reticular! Thank you for your comment. Barenaked Ladies (even without Steven Page, whom I miss) still produce some very clever and well-crafted pop/rock tunes. Their lyrics are always smart and they have a good vibe as a "feel good" band. I love 'em. glad the earth tremors were not like the movie "Tremors." - - - eugor