Friday, March 14, 2014


   Friday night fun in Lawrence, Kansas!   Yes, once again I, Agent Eugor (aka: rogue evolent) be-bopped downtown to historic Liberty Hall to watch another installment (they have them about four to five times a year) of KANU (our local NPR affiliated college radio station) and it's RETRO COCKTAIL HOUR host (Darrell Brogdon: the greatest and most melifluous radio voice in the world) do one of their "Cinema A Go-Go" double features. 

   And so I (accompanied by MothT) got to see DESTROY ALL MONTERS and the great noir/crime drama/police procedural cum Slime Monster movie: THE H MAN.

   What a hoot. Plus, I got to hear the stirring score for the Godzilla & friends flick, hitherto an unknown to me, by one of my favorite 20th century films composers: Akira Ifukube.  The second movie, THE H MAN was my favorite but they were both very enjoyable.  It's so civilized to be able to sit in a balcony and drink alcoholic beverages while enjoying genre entertainment of the highest order (HEY!!!!  the 1960s rule! And yes, THE H MAN was made and released in 1958 - - close enough) with a "live" crowd of well over 100 jamokes!

   Both flicks were directed by one of my favorite Japanese film makers, Ishiro Honda, and both movies had the mastermind of Special Effects Eiji Tsuburaya at the helm! 

   What a way to start a weekend!

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