Wednesday, March 5, 2014

THEME SONG WEDNESDAYS # 1: HBO Carnivale main titles

Today I debut new feature.  I will play some of my all-time (yes, from 1960s television series too :)  ) theme songs for both TV and Movies.  These are many times called the "main title." Although I should note, that starting next week (the week of March 10-14) I will switch the day from Wednesday to Thursday as I like the alliteration of  THURSDAY's THEMES better  :D

One of my favorite mini-series of the last decade (maybe ever) was HBOs CARNIVALE (read up about it over at wikipedia or IMDb) It would be a show that would only interest someone who had a love and appreciation for History, lore, mythology, America during the "dirty thirties" (dust-bowl), Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, creepy horror-type Carnivals,  Fredric Brown, and the Twilight Zone. The acting was superb and the story kept one in a perpetual "creeped-out" vibe.  The performances of Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redeption, Highlander, Lost), Michael J. Anderson (Twin Peaks), Clea DuVall, Tim DeKay, and Adrienne Barbeau were EMMY award worthy.  Amy Madigan's acting was the best she's ever done...a far cry from her "Field of Dreams" days.

The music for the show was by Jeff Beale, though the music below (in embedded Youtube clip) was penned by composers Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman.  Ms Coleman played keyboards in Prince's (yes, Prince of PURPLE RAIN fame) backing band 'The Revolution.' 

I first encountered both Melvoin and Coleman when they hosted an internet radio progaram (a couple years back) on LuxuriaMusic Radio:    They are smart ladies with quite a decent list of compositonal gems: Crossing Jordan, Heroes, Nurse Jackie (scores).

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