Tuesday, March 11, 2014


   I just like the song (below)... the over-all subject matter/theme IS taken from Lovecraft because composer and head-honcho for SPACE MIRRORS, Alisa Coral SAYS SO!    :D

   I became familiar with SPACE MIRRORS when they were suggested to me as a band that anyone who is a HAWKWIND fan would like.   Count me in on both counts.  Although to be sure, vocalist Martyr Lucifer has a very thick Italian accent to his English delivery, but it somehow amps up the creep vibe when one is singing Lovecraftian tunes, eh?

   The song "Strange High House" is from the SPACE MIRRORS' 2013 album "THE OTHER GODS" which is their second Lovecraft themed disc.

 Alisa's band has a cool web-site (and Facebook pasge too) which has tons of info, worth checking out at: 

   Although the visuals for the embedded video don't really bespeak HPL in my opinion, it's still fun because I think it's from a Georges Milies silent movie from the VERY beginning of cinema.  And, what's not to like about Sea Princesses riding chariots being pulled by marlins    :D



  1. I mean this as a compliment - it looks like they took some of the costumes and how the people frolic when they move directly from Georges Milies A Trip to the Moon. That silent film is in the beginning of the 1960s AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, so I just watched it about 2 to 3 weeks ago
    I liked the music too and will be seeking them out when I have $ again..

  2. THANKS Reliops Royale! :)
    I didn't know whether the scenes were from A TRIP TO THE MOON or thanks for the confirmation. The SPACE MIRRORS album also has the famous Hawkwind sax player, composer, front-man and all around space cadet NIK TURNER playing his horn on their last two albums. They're not my favorite HAWKWIND inspired band, but I do like them :D