Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday's COVER(ed) TIMES THREE # 4

   This Saturday I don't have an artistic theme for the three album jackets (sigh...smallish CD jackets) other than they're all "Space Rock" (sci-fi, sorta) related.  But the artwork is pretty keen, if I do say so myself.

The first is from the album "3rd From the Sun" by a band named CHROME.  They played a lot of noise rock with some stoner and 70's psychadelic riffs, but in a more industrial noise kind of way.  I've not heard much by them nor do I own any of their material.  But, man o man...what is that a picture of anyway???  a rabid Space Vampire Bat?  coooool.

This next piece of artwork comes from an album by the nifty space rock band FARFLUNG.  The album is "25,000 Feet Per Second."  I don't own any of their albums (yet) either, but have listened to a whole bunch of their tracks on Youtube and like what I've heard.  This art I'm guessing comes from some pulp or SF magazine cover from the 50's, no?   Perry Rhodan call home     :)

The last cover is from the album "PLANET X" by guitarist and space rocker Helios Creed.  With a name like that and with a picture of a lobster with a pair of can one not LOVE it?
Helios Creed was/is the main guitarist for the above referenced band CHROME.  I include a Youtube video/song of his titled "XL-35," but from a different album (just to get added art that's cool).  :)

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