Sunday, March 2, 2014

AL STEWART - - - Joe the Georgian

As mentioned last Sunday, every Sunday at SEIRENES OF TITAN is a special STELLAR STEWART SUNDAY wherein I will feature my favorite Al tunes from some of my favorite Al albums. But with Maestro Stewart, they ALL tend to be my favorite.

Al is a big BIG student of History and many of his songs feature richly textured historical narratives.
This song 'Joe the Georgian' is a wonderful folkish riff on one of humanity's greatest and most evil butchers: Joseph Stalin. And Al is perfectly correct, "Koba" is certainly roasting in hell right now as I type and as you will soon listen. And, other than Judas, h.s. truman, Mao, W.T. Sherman, and dishonest 'abe,'  Stalin is one of the few personages we can all be sure is being "pitchforked...for a few million years."

The tune at 3:31/2 is the tenth track on Al's thirteenth studio album BETWEEN THE WARS from 1995. The AMAZING LAURENCE JUBER is playing lead guitar. Of all of Al's side axe-men over the years (Tim Renwick, Dave Nachmanoff, and Peter Green included) JUBER is my favorite.
And, truth be told, this might just well be my own FAVORITE album Al Stewart has ever released.

Dance, Dance, Dance mighty Emperor Reliops!
- eugor

Now I've got my payment for the service that I gave
They've given me my ticket to this place beyond the grave
I suppose it's kind of funny, I suppose it's kind of sad
Thinking back on all the times we had

But it's kind of hot and smoky in this ante-room to Hell
And I won't make up a story 'cause you know the truth so well
It's much too late to worry that we never had a chance
And when Joe the Georgian gets here, we will dance, dance dance
When Joe the Georgian gets here, we will dance

We all set off together on this sorry ship of state
When the captain took the fever, we were hijacked by the mate
And he steered us through the shadows upon an angry tide
And cast us one by one over the side

(repeat chorus)

There's Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin and the rest
We're sharpening our pitchforks, and we're heating up the ends
We've got a few surprises for the mate when he appears
I hope he likes the next few million years

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