Thursday, March 6, 2014


Eugor's # 72 - - -
  Perhaps Eric Carmen and the boys...the RASPBERRIES should be a whole hades-of-a-lot higher on this list...maybe even in the Top Twenty!   They were at one time.   But I don't own any of their material and haven't for 25 years or so.  I got rid of a lot of my vinyl when I moved from Kansas back to Ft. Wayne to go to school.  The above (see photo) album was the debut of this incredibly talented power-pop quartet from Cleveland, Ohio.  I owned it.  I played it a lot in my second-story room on Kenaston Drive. 

   Remember Reliops when we (and a whole lot of people) actually watched late night television on Friday nights (well, those who didn't have girl-friends... ;)  "awkward" ).   There was Burt Sugarman's "The Midnight Special" and then there was the cooler show that came on even later "Don Kirshner's ROCK CONCERT."  On one of these shows I saw the RASPBERRIES and instantly fell in love with their Beatles like harmonies and melodies and quality tune-smithing.  This whole lp was a classic and I wish I still owned it.
Carmen and Bryson's  "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" would be the crowning jewel on this album but for the EVEN BETTER classic 8:00 minute epic ballad "I Can Remember."  I would have played that all-time favorite song of theirs but for the length.  It's easier to get someone to "click" on to a 2:40 Youtube video than a Wagnerian tour de force....and that's exactly what "I Can Remember" is....

Trivia: Alan Parsons co-produced this debut eponymous album for the RASPBERRIES.

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