Sunday, March 23, 2014


   I wasn't going to play THIS song (more about it in due course) today
   After a week where the temperature got up to 73 degrees one day...I wake up this morning to 20 degrees outside and snow...(just enough to cover the roof-tops, MothT's automobile, and most of the grass.  WHAT THE FREAKIN' DEUCE????   I'm sick of this white
ANTARCTICA by Maestro Al!

   To be honest, ANTARCTICA is my FAVORITE AL song period.   Sure, it's not at the same par lyrics wise as most of his historical story-songs, but there's just a magnetic draw that this tune asserts upon me:  "maybe I was snowblind...."  "seduced by this ambition," & "something of my innocence is wandering there still."

   I loved this song SOOO much that I even used it (for a tape or two, maybe more) as my theme introduction to the aborted project of trying to restart the  taping cassettes to you Reliops several years back.

   After reading Lovecraft's THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, and then watching the quite stark and cruelly-beautiful photos that accompany the Youtube video (see below) I can feel chills (no pun intended) up my spine.
   The poetry of Stewart is spendid and my oh my the guitar!!!!  When the killer axe hits at 16 seconds and then is joined by the flute at the 28 second mark-- WOA!

   Listen and be transported. Ponder:
"the hopeless quest of Shackleton and the dream-like death of Scott"

   "THE" brilliant pop/rock masterpiece of the Master Al Stewart.

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