Monday, March 17, 2014

Hoist One...heck, drink down the whole damn keg!!! HAPPY SAINT PADDY'S DAY to ye!

   This is the day to play some loud Irish, or Irish-ish music.  For me and the clan here at Eugor's underground observation cellar...we be a playin' MOVING HEARTS,  THIN LIZZYHORSLIPS, CLANNAD,  BOTHY BAND,  SILLY WIZARD,  and of course, America's own two favorite Irish bands of ex-patriates and yanks with green flowin' in their veins:  the DROPKICK MURPHY'S and FLOGGING MOLLY.   I include a Youtube clip of one of the MOLLY's albums which I bought about four or five St. Patrick Day's ago... "Float."    The song is "Man With No Country."  The whole album rocks like a shillelagh...
   So go outside, throw some Irish confetti (i.e. bricks), get into a fight, and puke....

   Seriously, I love Ireland, the Irish, and almost ALL Irish music (genuine and faux)

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