Tuesday, March 11, 2014


   I had never heard of these guys...
   It was Summer of 1974 and my girl-friend "B" had a friend (MaryLou maybe?) who was dating a guy named "Tony" (??, hey, that's 40 years ago, the names just escape me).  Tony was one of those guys that loved his album collection and delighted in sharing discoveries of good stuff-- which he did.  He pulled out the vinyl album of THE CLIMAX BLUES BAND's 1972
 RICH MAN.  He then played the two tracks which ALSO became my favorite two tracks on the album.  The title track (same as the album) was one of them along witht the Youtube track I share below. 

   I went out in the next couple of days (pretty sure by myself) to SLATEWOOD and bought my own copy. 

  Flash forward to the Spring of 1977 (the beginning of the darkest times of my life  :(    ), what should I hear being played in steady rotation on the Wichita AM radio station(s) but THE CLIMAX BLUSES BAND's hit song: "Couldn't Get It Right" (which is also a GREAT SONG).  I loved that tune and bought a copy of their album GOLD PLATED.

Anyway, the CBB is EUGORS's # 69 fave band.


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