Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I love this song, and, with a title like "C'Thlu Thlu" you know it's just gotta be played on this Tuesday feature of SEIRENES OF TITAN.

I know little about Caravan.  I do know that with Matching Mole & Hatfield & North, they are one of the more famous and accomplished bands from the famous sub-genre of British pastoral/prog from the '70s called the CANTERBURY Scene (or sound). Then again, the GREAT band CAMEL (more in due course) is also sometimes lumped in that category...which I don't think applies.  If you seek more info on other bands, or Caravan... there's always wikipedia  :)

Also, interesting name for an album: "For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night" (1973).  Maybe ol' Cthulhu was busy getting "jiggy!"
Still, a fun song for the next home-coming at Innsmouth High School.

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