Wednesday, March 26, 2014


   Because I am just such a sucker for classic 1970's-ish Space Rock (droning, sci-fi related, psychedlia) of the HAWKWIND sort  (I LOVE HAWKWIND!!!)  I stumbled across LITMUS on both my Hawkwind Pandora station as well as on a couple of Space Rock related blogs.  Also, over on the great CD Baby site LITMUS is also listed as a band that lovers of Hawkwind are invited to explore.  This is all absolutely 100% true.  If you love Hawkwind you will love LITMUS.  If not, then not!  I do, and have purchased two of LITMUS' albums.  I own PLANETFALL from which these two song "Destroy The Mothership" and "Tempest" come from.

I just know that a Space Emperor such as you Reliops will be playing LITMUS loud and long in your great star cruiser as you plot the invasion of Planet Earth!   Thus:

EUGOR's Favorite Band  # 64:    LITMUS

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  1. Eugor with the musically tuned 5 ears,

    I liked LITMUS and will be purchasing some in the future - after IRS has coughed up my dough. The misspelling of Cthulu was most likely intentional, for whatever reason only known to the Elder Gods.

    Reliops the Bombastic