Thursday, March 20, 2014


   I actually owe my love for the uber-talented J.G. Thirlwell to the scion of Space Emperor Relips ("the Rugged")...young DtR of the Joisey Swamps (though, he is NOT the "Jersey Devil")

   There we were O Reliops, in the Ocean-side city of San ComiCon... and the DtR told me to watch VENTURE BROTHERS on our hotel TV (ahhh....Cable)... I did and I was hooked.

   Back in my observation/invasion bunker in the Great Sand Sea of Kansas, I quickly purchaed the first two seasons of VENTURE BROTHERS on DVD and have not looked back.  The great show is even greater because of the theme music and incidental music (score/cues et al) of J. G. Thrilwell.
His music IS pure undiluted 1960's!!!  He has the Crime Jazz cum Library Music sound down pat.  You could see his music fitting everything from Mission Impossible to Mannix to Mod Squad with the Stutz Bearcats thrown in as seasoning.

   When I saw that the CD of Thrilwell's was available from the AdultSwim web-site when DID NOT HAVE IT...I ordered it from them. It's one of my favorite albums and certainly one of my favorite soundtrack discs!

   When I posted one or two of the songs from this album on CHFB (Classic Horror Film Board) they met with full approval of the musical maevens that frequent the music thread.  

   Groove on mi Reliopsoverign.

- - - Eugor the boppin' one

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