Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday's COVER(ed) TIMES THREE: #2

   Today I post for you Space Emperorat Reliops three sharp looking album jackets that have kind of a spacey (side-ways, sort of with the last one) orb-like vehicle schtick goin' on!
The first is from the SLOMATICS album Estron. I love the things coming out of the floating rocks opening, plus the creaure on the hill in the foreground. The pinkish brown tint is also nice. The groups music is a blend of Hawkwindish intrumental but with a nice ambient psychedelic stoner vibe. I recommend the song 'Red Dawn.'
I just love WOLFMOTHER's album art for their sophomore release (2009) Cosmic Egg.   Space-ship or cosmic entity (from the Chicken Planet Cluckovia??) I really like the bleak sky-scape and the water. Check out the person looking up... Now we know where Rhodan comes from :)  This band is from Australia and I do recommend you check out their music; it's a real "throw-back" retro appreciation of Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and other seminal '70s hard rock bands.  Songs to check out are 'White Feather,' 'Sundial,' and 'New Moon Rising.'
This last album jacket has some real trippy art that also appeals to my tastes.  The bright colors and symmetry make me happy!  The group (duo) Moon Duo play really nice space-music with a heavy tinge of the melodious side of Jefferson Airplane. Ya want some "shades of 1969?"..... play the Youtube clip and enjoy. 

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