Monday, March 10, 2014


   The "Most Evil" (sometimes mistakenly called "the great war" by fools) War is here lamented and remembered with shame by a stunningly well produced heavy metal song "Paschendale" by the immortal band IRON MAIDEN.   This song was on their September 2003 album DANCE OF DEATH.   I remember when it was released because I saw the striking cover art on the Cd's set up at our (then) local BORDERS.   I did not initially purchase it until hearing how great a record it was via the local public library.

   "Paschendale" was written by Steve Harris and Adrian Smith. It is sung by metal god Bruce Dickinson.

   To be sure, monsters such as Haig are in hell, but also Arch-Monsters such as woodrow wilson are also there.  A horrible war made even worse by the infusion of fresh meat when the US entered.  Along with the the French Revolution, no other event s0 shattered Europe and destroyed Western Civilization as did this Most Evil War.

"...never see my friends again..."
"...the sea of dead men overflows..."

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