Thursday, March 27, 2014


    Unashamedly I admit that the TV series ANGEL is one of my absolute favorite genre series.  I loved BUFFY, and while at the beginning thought David Boreanaz to be a bit wooden, came to appreciate his acting and portrayal of the vampire with a cursed soul seeking redemption.  His own spin-off series in many ways is actually superior to Buffy.

   The opening theme song, while the credits role, is performed by the California band DARLING VIOLETTA.  It's an entrancing and beautifully melodic piece of evocative music: PERIOD.  I am embedding the full version of the song... and oh my that cello.   The drums and synth-keys as well as the guitar all work together with the female vocalise....and did I mention the CELLO     :)

   I love this song...I bought the ANGEL soundtrack wherein is also the other scores and cues of the very talented series composer Christophe Beck.

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