Friday, March 21, 2014

OPEN-LINE FRIDAY # 1 Peter Cushing

   A certain fat, stupid, and venal talk show host has a weekly feature called "Open Line" Friday wherein he lets his call-in audience of shyte-heads (excuse me, "ditto heads") pick their own topics and questions.  Not a bad idea all-in-all.  I will be from time to time using Fridays to post songs and tunes that more or less fit the novelty mode, or the "just for the heck of it cause THEY'RE neat" mode. 

   My love for surf music, costumed weird bands (Devo, Residents, Aquabats etc), garage rock, and novelty songs with a monster/macabre/Horror Movie theme, caused me to stumble upon the song "Peter Cushing" by the Surfin' Wombatz (yes, I do think it's spelled with a "z" and that the Youtube poster simply got it wrong).  Fun tune.  Short tune so there's no excuse in not listening to it  :D

   Peter Cushing was 'Da Man!' 

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