Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday's COVER(ed) TIMES THREE # 3

   The theme for today's great album art (boy here's where one can really miss the old large cardboard jackets for vinyl) is angelic.   I own all three albums and yes, the music on said trio is superb.  Van Halen's 1984 is one of the most fun rock albums to come out of the magnificent 1980s.   Sabbath's Heaven and Hell with the vocals of R.J. DIO may be their finest album after the first four with Ozzy. And lastly, Judas Priest's early magnum opus has just enough touches of progressive metal to make it an interesting and added piece to their necessary discography.

   This SOOO politically incorrect art (and it was non-PC even back in 1984) is titled "Smoking Cherub" and was done by Margo Nahas.  Hey! When you need a "fag" you "need a fag!"  Smoke 'em if you got 'em Cherubim.  The album is chocked full of great and fun tunes. I play this most often of my VH stuff.  And though Sabbath's NEON KNIGHTS was going to be the YouTube play of can I NOT use the MTV video for HOT FOR TEACHER.... maybe the best comedy video ever used by MTV....the "boys" in their light orange suits--priceless!

   This cool picture, also showing angels a "puffing away" is called, appropriately enough "Smoking Angels" and was painted by Lynn Curlee.  No matter how much one loves Ozzy.... DIO is (or was,  RIP  :(  ) a better singer.  This album belongs in every SABB-heads collection.  I need me a Camel short, no filter right about now!

   With a "tip o' the brush" to neo-classical art (maybe a smidgen of the Pre-Raphaelites) the noted fanstasy illustrator Patrick Woodroffe gives us "Fallen Angels" for the cover of Priest's album Sad Wings of DestinyWoodroffe also did album jackets for Budgie, Greenslade, and Strawbs (more in due course).  The music is strong and just about "lives up" to the stunning art-work.

   And now, WALDO..... get ready for the 7th grade that you didn't have but wished now you did!

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